Kayaking in British Columbia



British Columbia offers a thousand spectacular miles of coastline with an abundance of wildlife and wilderness for kayakers to discover.  Join us aboard the Curve of Time and enjoy a piece of this wilderness.  As you paddle, you’ll explore and experience nature with our knowledgable crew.  If you have never kayaked before our guides will instruct you on basic techniques and keep you safe.  Instruction is ongoing so you will gain proficiency quickly.  We use stable two man kayaks by Necky.  In addition to  6 Necky Amaruks kayaks and one Eskia kayak we have two inflatable runbouts.

 Beach Break near the Brooks          Explore and Kayak      Can it get any better than this?


The Curve of Time will be our attentive mothership. We will paddle within reasonable  poximity of the mothership, adding  an extra measure of safety and protection.  We have no set destinations for the day.  If the weather in one area gets too rough for the group, we will move to a calmer place. And after an exhilerating paddle exploring sandy beaches and rocky islets, perhaps watching black bears feed along the shore,  it is a comfort to know that you can return to the warmth and security of the mothership for a hot meal, a hot shower and a warm berth.

Some prospective guests are still confused about the mothership concept. The Curve of Time does not take you, your gear and kayak and then leave you to camp and paddle for a number of days. The Curve of Time is your home for the duration of the trip. All facilities are on the vessel in order that the wilderness we visit stays pristine. 


                           Large Lions Mane Jelly    A quiet paddle

Scenic estuary