Please note: If you have a special kayaking or cruising trip in mind, in the Gulf Islands or on another part of the coast, we will be happy to discuss the opportunities with you.





Canadian Gulf Islands

Situated between Vancouver and Victoria. We cruise and paddle between the many scenic bays and harbours in these beautiful and remote islands that are known the world over for their temperate, Mediterranean climate and low annual rainfall. Garry Oak meadows, Arbutus trees, a profusion of wild flowers in the spring and sculpted sandstone formations are some of the delightful scenery to experience. Along with marine mammals such as sea lions, Orcas, Dallís and Harbour porpoise and more than 250 species of birds it makes for a nature loverís and photographerís paradise. Depending on the route we take we plan to stop at any villages along the way. Trips will start and finish in Sidney, on Vancouver Island (10 minutes from Victoria Airport). WestJet offers scheduled flights from Alberta.

May 7 - 11 (5 days) $1,750CDN
May 14 - 18 (5 days) $1,750CDN
Sept. 17 - 21 (5 days) $1,750CDN
Sept. 24 - 28 (5 days) $1,750CDN

Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound is a beautiful and tranquil area, discovered by Captain Vancouver in 1792, it lies approximately 90 miles northwest of Vancouver, not far from Campbell River. With its warm, sheltered waters in summer, it offers many wonderful places to kayak. Although characterized by steep islands and inlets it has many unique anchorages and bays with a wide variety of wildlife. During the trip we plan to take you to such places as Cortes Island, Redonda Island, Rosco Inlet and Bute Inlet. These trips will start and finish in Campbell River (first trip) and from Lund for the next two.

June 9 - 14 (6 days) $2,700CDN
June 16 - 20 (5 days) $2,250CDN

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Whales & Totems   Johnstone Straits - North Vancouver Island

Located between the north end of Vancouver Island and the mainland about 220 miles up the coast from Vancouver. One can expect to see a variety of whales, porpoises and other marine mammals and birds in this spectacular area where the ocean meets the Inland Passage. Among the hundreds of islands can be found old Kwakwaka'wakw village sites and middens. One of our stops, the native and fishing village of Alert Bay, holds many points of interest such as the U'mista Center, totem poles and an ecology park. These 5 - 6 day kayak/mothership excursions start and finish in Port McNeill on Vancouver Island.

June 30 - July 5 (6 days) $2,700CDN
Aug. 26 - 31 (6 days) $2,700CDN

The Inside Passage    Bella Bella to Prince Rupert

This year Due West is offering two trips through the "Inside Passage". Although this passage, made up of many channels and straits, runs from Seattle into the Alaskan Panhandle, we will journey only a small part of it. The "Inside Passage" is characterized by breath taking scenery, calm waters and plentiful wildlife. Mixing of fresh, salt water and different water temperatures promote an abundance of marine life from plankton to porpoise and whales. Bears, wolves and many other animals inhabit both the islands and mainland surrounding the passage. One of the trips starts in Bella Bella, about mid-coast and will end in Prince Rupert. The other trip starts in Prince Rupert and finishes in Bella Bella Whenever possible the boat will make stops to observe wildlife, experience native culture, explore and kayak.

July 21 - 31 (11 days) Bella Bella to Prince Rupert $4,400CDN
Aug. 3 - 13 (11 days) Prince Rupert to Bella Bella $4,400CDN

Transiting and Relocating Trips

In the past a friend or two might have been invited on a delivery or repositioning trip, however it was usually only the crew that was aboard, since we would head staight to the next area in the minimum of time. This year we decided to allow more time on these sailings and offer them to folks who just want to be aboard, help out a bit, explore and catch some seafood as the opportunities present themselves along the way. We have kept the cost of these trips very reasonable and will also be limiting the number of guests on each trip. More details on each trip will be available. .

June 23 - 27 (5 days) Campbell River to Port McNiell $625CDN
July 14 - 19 (6 days) Port McNiell to Bella Bella $750CDN
Aug. 15 - 23 (9 days) Bella Bella to Port McNiell $1,125CDN
Sept. 2 - 9 (8 days) Port McNiell to Richmond $1,000CDN


 Curve of Time

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All our trips are on the 84 foot vessel the "Curve of Time" and are of a mothership nature. This means the boat provides the accommodations, meals, showers, kayaks and guides. We move each day to provide you with new and exciting areas to explore. We do not include any airfares to or from the pick up and drop off points or any cost of accommodations before or after the tour unless requested to so.


Meals: All meals are hardy West Coast cuisine. Whenever it is possible we catch seafood along the way.


Note: Our paddling Schedule provides the client and ourselves with an outline for the coming year. Whenever necessary  we will modify it to meet your requirements, be it duration of trip or location.